Our Story

We’re a close-knit family of local dairy farmers who value quality, freshness and exceptional taste. As your neighbors, we get up before the cows to ensure that our dairy products are nothing less than perfect, every single day. We take care in our craft and have made it our life’s work to bring your family dairy products that are exceptionally fresh, incredibly wholesome and always delicious.


About the Co-Op

In 2006, Upstate Farms Cooperative and Niagara Milk Cooperative consolidated to form Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc. This brought together two of the nation's top dairy cooperatives to better serve their members and the dairy industry of New York. Upstate Farms is owned and operated by the very farmers who make our milk. And because every farmer has an interest in how the co-op performs, it also means every farmer has a strong interest in the people who drink their milk too. They're dedicated to providing their neighbors with the very best dairy products.

As a consumer, buying from Upstate Farms not only helps nourish your family, it nurtures the local economy and keeps the rural integrity of our local family farms growing strong too.